An Open Letter to Joy Behar – reblog

None of the women on The View has ever represented me. I don’t watch the show because they are mostly loud and blathering. But….when stupid rises to the top, you need to skim it off. Please read: An Open Letter to Joy Behar

Plum Paper Planners Arrived!

After a great deal of debate, my college-aged daughter and I chose Paper Plum for our planners. We examined planners from Erin Condren (very close 2nd), Passion Planner and gobs of others. Overall, the choice came down to: 1. Quality 2. Layout 3. Page choices 4. Ability to choose colors for covers 5. Price So,…

Why I Work

My amazing friend, Linda, explaining why she loves our company, Usborne Books & More. (Yes, I’m the friend in Colorado.) Why I Work.  

How will you celebrate?

Children’s Book Day is today, April 2nd! What a great excuse to pull out a favorite or buy a brand new book and sit with a child and read to them! Reading aloud increases fluency and vocabulary, among many other things. Make a memory today!

Crocodile Tears

Originally posted on My Life as a COMMA!:
Last night while preparing dinner….I asked my hubs where our daughter was? She had taken a shower and had been drying her hair…but I hadn’t heard anything coming from her way for a while! So, my sweet husband went to check and when he came back he…


Bards scatter rainwashed words. Drooping from weighty glistening nectar drops we wish to swallow whole, the breeze-twisted ambiguity shatters into shards of caring like a cloud of cystalline sugar. I struggle to regather the bits to reform the rhyme when bursting to supernova, the fragments dissolve. Memories of never-to-be scamper into my dreams… light and…

Variation on a Clean Out the Frig Soup

While I love smooth soup, my kids prefer chunks, so I cooked one green, one red and one yellow chopped bell pepper in the stock and added them to the soup!