Best Mneumonic Device for Memorizing the Names of the U.S. Presidents

Water          Washington
Always        Adams
Jars              Jefferson
My               Madison
Mind           Monroe
And             Adams
Jars              Jackson
Very            Van Buren
Hard           Harrison, William Henry (one month)
Too              Tyler
Play             Polk
The              Taylor
First            Fillmore
Part             Pierce
But              Buchanan
Let               Lincoln
Johnny        Johnson
Go                Grant
Hungry       Hayes
Go                Garfield
Around       Arthur
Corner        Cleveland
Houses       Harrison, Benjamin
Calling        Cleveland
My                McKinley
Rooster’s   Roosevelt
Tail              Taft
Wiggles      Wilson
Hard            Harding
Come          Coolidge
Help            Hoover
Refill           Roosevelt
The              Truman
Empty         Eisenhower
Kettle          Kennedy
Johnny        Johnson
Never          Nixon
Filled           Ford
Crimson     Carter
Rose             Reagan
Bushes        Bush
Can               Clinton
Bloom          Bush
Over             Obama
There           Trump
My mother taught me the part up to the Rooster’s Tail Wiggling Hard, and then she and I added things up to Ronald Reagan when I was in high school. She and I couldn’t exactly remember the additional part when my daughter was old enough to learn these, so Hannah and I worked out the part between Coolidge and Clinton and altered it slightly this year after Trump was inaugurated.
Feel free to use it in memory of my mom, Shirley Eloise Rymerson Hansen.

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