The HUNT is over! The Quarter Map is complete!!

​Some people collect coins by ordering them and making sure they have all of them. Our family does it the old-fashioned way: we find them in our pockets and in our jars and dishes of coins.

After I found a collection folder at a garage sale when Nate was small, Dad and the kids started the hunt. He would reach into his pockets when he saw them and they would scour through them to find all the state quarters. Seeing Hannah and my dad doing that reminded me of me and Dad and the pennies. I got a bank when I was very little – maybe 4 – and he would always give me his pennies at the end of the day, so I could work to fill that bank. It was a large bank and I think when I took it to college, it was finally full.

It was a fun tradition. Dad carried it on with Ben, too, and we had it down to needing about 10 around the time of his death.

Today…. nearly 17 years after starting the hunt, Nate found the last two quarters we were missing!!!! Quite appropriate since they released the first ones the year he was born.

We are very happy!!!


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