Literacy Tip: New Back to School Tradition – Write a Letter

Start a New Back-to-School Tradition!

Whether you send your child to public or private school or home educate them, returning to school can be exciting, stressful, or even scary for some children.  It can be a big change in their routine and even if they have the same teacher, they don’t always know what to expect.  Anything unknown can be scary.

Why not start a new back-to-school tradition by writing your child a letter on their first day of school?  Offer encouragement, share special things about your child that make you proud, remind them of how much they can do and how much confidence you have in them for what they will do this year.  Make it age appropriate and print for younger children.  It will reinforce the importance of being able to read and write, too.  Be prepared to read it aloud to the youngest children.  We want this to be a wonderful loving memory, not another lesson or frustration at not being able to read your handwriting or every word you chose.

Consider saving your letters to re-read at their high school or college graduation.  You can slip them all into a drawer, a binder, or a special box so you’ll know right where they are when the time comes to bring them back out and enjoy the memories of these letters.  It really is the little things that can make all the difference.

I’d love to hear what you think!  Have you done this before?  Will you start this year?  What other Back-to-School traditions do you celebrate?


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