Literacy Tip: Reward Reading in Your Family

Most of us know that to be the best example we can be, we need to make sure to read in front of our kids and read aloud together on a regular basis no matter how old our kids are.

Go a step further and create your own reading contest!  Set a goals for your children and for yourself. If they read a certain number books, give them a reward.  Some families will want to have it be a collective goal and others can create competition between siblings or between siblings and parents.  You know your kids best and know whether to have it all be team-oriented, competetive or a combination of both.

Be creative! Rewards can be anything your child would get excited about. Perhaps, it would be buying the next title in a series they are reading, going out for ice cream, or having a slumber party.  Discuss what they’d like most, make it reasonable and something that will fit your budget.  It doesn’t even have to cost money.  It could just be a special visit to a park, making everyone’s favorite cookies or getting Dad to help act out a play.  For additional fun and to help everyone stay focused, make signs or log sheets to keep track of your progress.  Devote some time every day to reading together and to updating your family reading log.  If your goal is rather large, consider having smaller rewards along the way.

Reading together and having not only a reading friendly, but a reading focused family will bring everyone a great deal of joy and give your children a better chance at future success.


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  1. Desi Valentine says:

    I think this is an excellent idea. I’m a big fan of family literacy, and I strongly believe that reading has to be fun for kids if they’re going to be lifelong readers. Great post!

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