Very First Reading Set

Very First Reading Set

Introducing the Newest Addition to the Usborne Reading Program

What is Usborne Very First Reading?

Reading is both the key to success at school and the source of a lifetime’s pleasure. The Very First Reading Set is an

engaging series of 15 books designed to help your child learn to read with confidence and enthusiasm. It takes beginner

readers from learning their first letters to reading imaginative stories on their own with minimal support and guidance from

an adult. Each book in the series builds on material in the previous books.

Each Book Contains:

• An enchanting phonics story with a theme that really appeals to children.

• Fun puzzles and games to test children’s understanding and

provide further reading practice.

• Gentle, accessible guidance on using the books with your child.

• Concise notes on what your child learns in each book.

• Links to “Online Support” available at

Parent Guide Included:

• A 24 page Parents’ Guide walks you through the

Very First Reading Program

Exclusive Website Contains:

• Downloadable activity sheets

• Teacher resources

• Word banks

• Pronunciation guides

7/2010 780418

Watch the Founder of Usborne Publishing,

Peter Usborne, introduce the

Very First Reading Series on YouTube

(H) 978-0-794

5-2867-6 $69.99
For more information:  Beth York, Sr. Supervisor, Usborne Books & More



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