When is it good to share? When is it good to keep a slight edge?

I am a sharer.  Most of the time, I like to share what I know with others because I’m a true believer in “what comes around goes around” and I am not fearful of competition.

But, when is it good to keep a “slight edge” to yourself?   So you and/or your team might be able to do just a little bit better than the rest?  I struggle with this, but seem to find balance in this:  if it makes you feel sneaky keeping something to yourself, you’re probably being sneaky.  So, go ahead and share.

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  1. What a great question. I am a big believer in being a “river,” not a “reservoir.” A river flows and brings life to everything it touches. A reservoir collects and stores.

    One of the greatest bits of advice I’ve ever received came from an author and speaker who had just shared many success secrets with me. I asked him why he would give that information so freely.

    He said, “For two reasons. First, someone did that for me and it made all the difference. I am paying that forward. Second, I can produce it faster than you can consume it!” He was right. I have found when I open my hands and give freely, I leave with my arms full.

    Thanks for starting a great discussion!

    1. Brenda L says:

      There is a difference between sharing and giving things away. Sharing makes us stronger, building our teams with what we have makes us stronger, where giving things away makes us weaker and being sneaky puts up walls. The only issue with sharing is when you do it with people who are sneaky and don’t believe in sharing too. But, like love, sometimes you just have to risk it to get the return!

  2. Mary Kay Ash said “If I have an idea and you have an idea, we each only have one idea, but when we exchange these ideas then each of us will have two ideas”.

    One of the great things about Direct Sellers is that they share ideas with each other. There is a great sense of community and sharing in the industry.

    What you can do as a consultant to give yourself slight edge is to be yourself. How you share your passion for your product and company is what gives you an advantage over someone else. People will be drawn to your product because of you. There are many options available to your customers, but there is only one YOU and that is what gives you an edge 🙂

    Great article! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Chocolata says:

    Hi Beth,

    Pay it forward, definitely! The idea you share with others could be the trigger point for new ideas. Sharing ideas and information with others usually results in goodwill and long lasting friendships.

  4. Excellent article and love the comments. I fully believe in sharing ideas. Frequently, I’ll have a gem of a good idea and when I share it I have found others have a twist on my thought that makes it even better. I find sharing my ideas a great time-saver and makes us all better at what we do.

  5. A good question. I love your personal view because I too am a sharer, I always have been. I think that is my slight edge in business and in personal life. That may not make sense but it works for me. I am always ready to share an idea, etc., I often say “Have you thought of this or that?” I have known people who say, I never tell everything I know. The truth is no one is asking for that, but a sharing a tip is often so appreciated it comes back two-fold.

    This question seems to be one that has two parts. How do you feel about sharing and do you share when it may have a negative impact on your business? I say sharing is no big deal, it is always good to share. It is my firm belief that your circle grows wider when you do. Also, I do not think sharing success ideas have a negative impact on any particular business. As Dondi’s response shows, sharing can be a positive act .

    That being said, I learned early on to memorialize my contributions when in company meeting 😦

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