What I’ve learned from…looking at photos on facebook today.

My children are, of course, wonderful and beautiful and handsome and poised.  But I’m not the only one who thinks so and apparently, all my high school and college friends have children who are equally fabulous.  Oddity?  They don’t seem to be going through the typical awkward phase we all went through as preteens and teens.  Verdict?  We are either teaching them well or you just don’t look awkward until you look back at your own photos?  I’m not sure, but it certainly seems that kids are just skipping over the awkward, which might not be all good.  They go straight from cute and adorable and you’re so young it’s okay if you leave the house with bedhead to totally poised preteen who actually seems to know how to brush your hair to teen with perfect teeth, great hear, decent skin and radiant beauty.

I’m not sure whether to be proud or jealous.  I think I’ll pick proud.  Yeah.  Let’s stick with proud.


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