What I learned…from a great shopkeeper today.

Sharon is the owner of Showers of Flowers Yarn Shop in the Denver metro area.  She is a great service provider – always smiling, always sharing her love of yarn and creating unique clothing items and gifts.  We call her store “Yarn Heaven”.  I always feel good about spending money in her store and never leave without a smile on my face.  She’s welcoming, kind, offers advice, helps you find the yarn you need, the pattern you need, the needles you need – everything – and she gets to know you well enough to offer up ideas.  Plus, her prices are reasonable!  I also love how they have their dogs in the store in a little gated play yard in the back of the store.  My kids love to go pet the dogs while I’m shopping.

So, what did I learn?  When you give service, kindness, warmth and help, you create a customer who feels cared for and will very willingly pay for products she knows she could walk out and find elsewhere for less.  Why?  Because it’s more than just the sale or the purchase.  It’s the relationship.  It’s the help.  It’s the talent.  It’s the whole package.  And there is value in it all.

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