The Touch of the Master’s Hand

My dad died last year on February 25th.   He often used this favorite poem in sermons and there was rarely a dry eye in the church when he did.  I miss him so much. The Touch of the Master’s Hand —Myra Brooks Welch (Modified by Pastor Paul R. Hansen) ‘Twas battered and worn and the auctioneer…

What I’ve learned from…looking at photos on facebook today.

My children are, of course, wonderful and beautiful and handsome and poised.  But I’m not the only one who thinks so and apparently, all my high school and college friends have children who are equally fabulous.  Oddity?  They don’t seem to be going through the typical awkward phase we all went through as preteens and…

What I learned from…the wii fit today.

We’ve been using the Wii Fit Plus since Christmas and it really does work.  One reason?  Positive feedback.  It’s contantly giving you positive feedback and encouragement, even if it’s an electronic piece of equipment.  So, once again, positive encouraging words can really make a huge difference!

What I learned…from a great shopkeeper today.

Sharon is the owner of Showers of Flowers Yarn Shop in the Denver metro area.  She is a great service provider – always smiling, always sharing her love of yarn and creating unique clothing items and gifts.  We call her store “Yarn Heaven”.  I always feel good about spending money in her store and never…

What I’ve Learned….from my training meeting today

We held a training meeting today and had LOTS of people there!  I learned that when you have a themed meeting (London-Edinburgh travel contest launch) and have fun food and you add that to a ton of news from your home office, you WILL have a good turnout!