What I’ve Learned…from my kids today

This is the first in a month-long series of blog posts on “What I’ve Learned”.  Today, it’s from my kids.  I learn from my kids each and every day, but today I happened to learn about frustration.

As adults, we will get frustrated and many times we don’t or can’t always identify the source of our frustration.  We may blame surface symptoms, but we don’t delve deeply enough to find the true source of our frustrations.

Kids, well at least my kids, don’t seem to have this trouble.  Perhaps it’s because they haven’t lived long enough to form layers of…stuff….that hide the source.  But today, watching my 10-year-old with his math, it’s really obvious he’s frustrated at his lack of perfection, his inability to erase everything to the point where the paper is actually white again, and the length of time it’s taking to get his assignment done.  We live in such an instant society, it’s hard for him to be patient with himself and allow learning to take place.  He just wants to understand, and he wants to understand immediately without any feeling of confusion or not being able to comprehend it.

Aren’t we all that way to come extent?  When we dive into a new venture or expand our businesses in a new direction, it can be frustrating.  But do we even see why we’re frustrated?  Or do we just not want to admit we want everything to come easily?  I challenge you to look at your own business or work situation through these new eyes and see if you can’t identify where you might be frustrated, so we could work on ways to fix it.

All the best,



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