Skol, Vikings, let’s GO!

Today is the big day: my Vikings are in the NFC Championships. It’s the day when we can forget about Denny having us take a knee.
For someone who’s been a lifelong fan like I have, this is big. This is way big. I was barely into double digits the last time we won an NFC Championship and of course everyone knows about the game we haven’t ever won….and haven’t been to since the 1970’s.
No matter how good we’ve been over the years, that has eluded us, but not this year!
A sign at the beginning of the season said it all for me: “Brett, I’ve hated you my whole life and now I think I love you!”
The SHOCK and AWWE line is, of course, amazing, and will help us defeat the New Orleans Saints. I don’t predict a trouncing, but I believe it will be a win – a win we’ll remember fondly as the one that led to the BIG WIN.
Skol, Vikings!


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