Happy New Year

It happens every year – the end of it.  We always can’t quite believe how time has flown by or what we’ve seen over the past year.  This was a pretty difficult one for my family, since we lost Dad to failing kidneys after a long battle with infections following surgery.  It’s been over ten months now, but it feels so fresh, still, so this year…yes, how did we get to December 31st?  When you’re grieving, there are days that don’t feel much different that others, but there are many days you feel like you’re walking through mud or water up to your waist.  And it isn’t just physical, sometimes your mind is like that, too.  It eases up a bit each month until, I hope, one day, it won’t be like that anymore.  Or at least we’ll get a break for a bit.

Spending the last days of the year with my mom in Arizona has been great.  She loves the company and it gives my husband a little time back home to get a few things done without other things tugging at him, although we miss him, too.  We’ll have to do our family trampoline bounce when we get home again…soon. 

Next, we”ll all start making resolutions or plans or pausing to rethink strategies or methods or our focus.  What should it be?  What could it be?  What can it be?  What will it be?  I think it’s healthy to go through these evalutations, but we shouldn’t beat ourselves up too terribly much.  Here is my thinking it through today: 

  • What went quite well this past year?  How can I make sure it goes that well again?
  • What change did I make last January that I’ll keep for the rest of my life?
  • What one resolution did I let slide due to…whatever…that I’d like to try again?
  • What is the most nagging thing on our list of things that never seems to get done?  Think maybe we really ought to focus on getting that done so it doesn’t bother us anymore?
  • What about the state of my health would I like to improve?
  • What aspect of my personal relationships could I improve upon in the year to come?  What action can I take to not only recognize a need to improve, but to actually make progress to improve?
  • Anything else?  Best thing to do?  Write it down!  A goal unwritten is a goal unmet. 

Over the next week or so, I’ll tweak mine.  I’d love to hear about yours.  Just like any goals – a little bit of a challenge, but mostly realistic and attainable with a date so there is an end to it.  Then – the hard work.  Next post – breaking them down!  Send me a few of your New Years’ Resolutions so I can break one down for you!


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