Snuggling with My Little Boy

I love snuggle time. The youngest snuggles up and still needs just a little more sleep, it’s Saturday morning and we aren’t going anywhere, so, you snuggle up, too. And first you get to smell him….ah….he took a bath last night….vanilla…he’s been using his sister’s all-natural vanilla shampoo and you remember how his head felt like wet velvet when he was born and there was that little bit of extra skin that wrinkled up when you would stroke his head. You remember how he smelled like some kind of heavenly cheesy milk when he was an infant and you are astonished he actually fit inside you once. Then you put your head back down on the pillow and you just listen. You hear his breathing and how completely unstressed it is….and the crickets…wow, there are a lot of crickets this morning. Oh, and there’s a helicopter landing at the Air Force Base and it sounds like a commercial jet is about to land at the airport. And then you hear the dog. Doesn’t anyone else hear she wants in? She’s whining a little…..I don’t want to get up yet. Oh, snuggling is grand…I’m thinking about making pancakes from freshly ground flour from our mill this morning….yummy good-for-you pancakes with whole grain….real maple syrup…mmmm. But the dog. No one else hears the dog. You know the middle child is up. He’s always up. Your husband is up…why doesn’t anyone hear the dog? I shift just a little and my little boy reaches back in his sleep to put his arm on me because he isn’t ready to stop snuggling, either. I relax. Someone is going to hear the dog. Oh, his skin is so soft. His hands are still so small, but yet so gigantic compared to what they were when he was born. His breathing is so comforting…..but the dog. No one hears the dog. Snuggle time is over and I dont’ want to disturb his sleep so I tuck the blankets in under him as I roll away and replace my body with my flannel-encased pillow. He sleeps…..I think about tea…and pancakes.


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