20 Things to Do to Move Toward Success

If you want to achieve success in your home business, it is critical for your daily actions to be in harmony with your goals.  We all want success, but if we don’t work toward that on a daily basis, it won’t happen.  Below is a list of actions that you can take each day.  Which ones fit you and your goals for the year?  Print this list and mark those items with a highlighter and then – and here is the critical part – pick a time to do them.  One a day or five a day….your choice.  If you set aside the time to get the work done and you choose what it is you’ll do, you’ll move toward success.  If you don’t, you’ll just think about what you want to do all day long.  So, take action today – which will you choose to do first?

  1. Talk to 5 contacts about your business, products and scheduling future events.
  2. Use your product – in my case, read an Usborne or Kane Miller book.
  3. Set an appointment to talk about someone who wants to join your business. 
  4. Make 15 minutes of customer care calls.
  5. Tell 5 people about a special your company has right now – or make one up!
  6. Host an event yourself to make sure everyone you know is aware of what you do.
  7. Make a lead notebook – think up categories of how you know people for headers on each page and contact 5 people from your notebook.
  8. Read a professional book or listen to a training CD and take notes and act on something you learned.
  9. Call 5 of your friends to tell them how excited you are about your business or about a recent success.
  10. Mail someone you know information about your products and schedule time to follow up on that mailing.
  11. Post your goals in 3 visible places in your home and share them with your family.
  12. Read your local paper or look online to find events where you could get a booth to display and sell your product and get future leads.
  13. Put catalogs in your car and business cards in your bag.
  14.  Give out 3 business cards in one day.
  15. Think of 3 reasons you are grateful for your business.
  16. Make a list of things you have accomplished since you started your business.
  17. Think of 3 things about your business that are fun and share at least one of them with someone.
  18. Call someone that you would like to work with and see if they’d like to start a business with you.
  19. Ask 3 strangers:  “What do you do?”  and be ready for them to ask you, too!
  20. Smile – in person and on the phone, it really can make a difference!

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