Getting an Owner’s Manual to Understanding People

Guest Blogger: George Boelcke, CCP  

At the risk of stating the obvious, you have some really “strange” people in your life. But strange isn’t better or worse, it’s just that your friends, coworkers, boss, and probably your spouse and kids, have a very different personality type from you. You already know that they simply don’t act, think, and talk like you, and have a whole different mindset about decision-making, fun, the value of neatness, or just how to get things done.

In the field of personality typing, there is an assessment called Colors. It identifies our personality types into four groups, which are Gold, Green, Orange, and Blue. The purpose of Colors is to create an understanding of our unique values, strengths, stresses and communication preferences. Because when we understand others, we value them for who they really are, instead of attempting to change them.

Blues are the relationship experts in our lives. They live life through their hearts and wear their emotions on their sleeves. They will always have the time for others and are easy to spot with their warm and caring smiles, positive demeanor, and always looking for the good in everyone and everything. They are incredibly creative and will always lend a hand, partly, because their two big stresses are saying no and handling conflict.

Oranges are the energy people, eternally optimistic, and with a great sense of humor. They believe life is a game to be played and to win at almost all cost. They’re the people who make things happen and have no interest in sitting around and talking about it. They love sports and are game for any adventure or risk-taking activities. Just don’t ask them to do a lot of paperwork, keep their room or desk clean, or have the patience to give you a long explanation about anything in life.

Greens are the logic people who tend to gravitate to careers in engineering, sciences, the I.T. field, and the likes. Greens would far prefer a good book, or a night on the computer, over most social functions. For a lifetime, they love to learn, and show others they care by sharing their knowledge. In return, you need to avoid asking them for emotional conversations, or discussing their feelings. It won’t happen.

Golds are the constant workers behind the scenes. They believe that fun is for after work, because right now, they need to keep their head down and get the job done, the house cleaned, or garage organized. They have a constant to-do list and will insist that you’re on time – every time. They are creatures of habit, who love their routines, because it’s the most efficient way to get something – to get anything done, and done right.

In relationships, opposites attract. More than half the world is married to someone of a totally different personality type. When we understand the Colors of our spouse, relationships take on a whole new dimension, because we no longer look to change our partner. When we understand them a little better, we really can love them for who they really are! And you have to know that God has a sense of humor when he gives us kids who share nothing of our personality type. But that doesn’t make it easy at times, does it? Remember that kids have their own personality type and make sure that you’re not attempting to make them into a mini-you. At a very early age, they will exhibit traits of their own Colors that will allow you to grow your relationship in ways you never thought possible.  

But now to you: What’s your Color? Do you: George Boelcke, CCP facilitates seminars throughout North America and into Europe on personality types and is the author of the bestseller: Colorful Personalities: Discover your personality type through the power of Colors, as well as the Colors of Relationships, Parent & Child Dynamics, Sales & Customers, Leadership & Management and Colors Tools for Christians. For more insights, his web site is:


George Boelcke has been a speaker at the Advanced Leadership Retreat for Usborne Books & More on two occasions.  After learning from him in her seminars the Colors are part of our corporate vernacular.  I highly recommend his books and seminars as ways to learn about each other in all areas of your life.  From team training to sales to coordinating a large event, knowing people’s colors is enormously helpful.  At home, knowing my husband’s colors and my children’s colors helps me communicate better with them and be a better parent.  It’s amazing what a little understanding can do for your ability to communicate.  It’s one of my hopes that someday all parents will read his books so they won’t try to change their kids into something they are not and they will build up their strengths instead.  When we understand ourselves, we stop beating ourselves up and we can find ways around where we naturally have difficulties with things that do not come naturally to us.

I could go on for days about how much I believe this to be essential information for everyone in all areas of their life!  Thanks, George, for being a guest blogger and I hope we’ll hear from you again!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrea says:

    I liked the information and I agree it is helpful in knowing more about someone and what some of their inclinations might be however I only see it as a starting point in getting to know someone. I always believe that people change as they grow or have new experiences. I hope that no one ever relies on a personality test to be the end-all-be-all of what a person is all about.
    Thank you for sharing the information and giving new insight into those I care about.

  2. usbornebeth says:

    George agrees that at different times you will test towards different colors, but it’s good to know your true self so you understand what motivates you, how you learn, how you interact with others, what aggravates you, where your strengths lie, etc.
    It’s really the most user-friendly personalilty training I’ve encountered.

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