Overcoming Objections

Did you know that when someone has an objection, it is usually just a need for further information? Many times our biggest problem with recruiting or sales is that we don’t know what that objection is! We need to find out what the objection is, so we know whether is it a big objection or a little objection.

A big objection is really a valid reason why they cannot commit. You cannot overcome these. You need to not argue, not attack, but rather smile and walk away from it.

Most objections, though, are very small. If you don’t ASK for more information, you will never know the REAL objection. You cannot just take the “no” and leave it. So, how do you ASK? When they bring you their customer survey form, and you see they circled no, ask, “So, I see you circled no for having a home show, can I ask why?” I think you’ll be surprised at the many varied responses. They may say, ‘My house is too small’ or ‘I don’t know enough people’ or ‘I don’t have any time.’ This may actually be true, but what they really need here is reassurance from you that, yes, indeed, they can have a show and it will be successful and you are here to make certain it is!

They may also want to become a consultant, but they have small objections like ‘the kit costs too much’ or ‘I don’t know if my husband would like me being out’ or ‘I don’t have the time to do one more thing’. These are also good reasons not to do something, but they all also are showing that they doubt themselves….they are unsure….they need you to show them HOW they can do it. They want reassurance!

With experience, you’ll learn to hear the difference between a real “no” and an objection that is a request for further information or reassurance.

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