Home Business Summer Tips – Part 6

August is a great month to set yourself up for fabulous growth and a full calendar this fall. Take a few minutes today and look at your calendar. Make sure you know all your family obligations because, afterall, most of us are doing this business for our families and we want to work it around them, not the other way around.
What day would you like to set aside as your day off each week?
Make sure you have some empty white space on your calendar or you’ll get burned out on everything. When that happens, typically the first thing to get sidelined is your business, which is NOT what you want to allow to happen.
Now – pick your work days. Which day of the week seems to be trending as not chock full of other obligations? What other days are open? Those are the days you’ll do your events, enter your shows, and make your customer service calls.
On other days, though, you need to squeeze in a few minutes – 15 to 30 minutes – to make hostess coaching calls, booking calls and follow up with your recruit leads.
As you work your business, you will find people who want to do what you do. We’re blessed to be able to bring them on board with us right away! There isn’t any long interview process, hiring managers to check with or a committee to pass a budget in order to pay your new recruit! They just get started, you help train them and they earn money right away as they do events and sell product! How amazing is that?
So, when folks are interested, you need to set aside time to follow up with them.
Okay – now you August calendar should have a lot of time set aside for building your business. Next step – fill up all those event openings if they aren’t filled already!
Best wishes!


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