Kids growing up

Some friends have come to visit!  We met when we were pregnant with our first kids and we now have three kids in each family.  How time flies!  And how kids grow!  Our oldest and their oldest were born one month apart and are still just the best of friends.  Our second child was born almost exactly a year before their twins were born…and I think Nate has a crush on one of them.  (oh, not yet…)  Then Ben takes up the rear, three years younger than the twins.  They all get along and it doesn’t even matter if it’s been a year since they’ve seen each other.  It’s just as we hoped it would be that day when we met in the driveway, I think.  Ann and my bellies were protruding quite a bit as we were both already about five months along and we just hit it off.  We commented on how it might be neat if these little ones ended up being friends.  But, we got the bonus package because we’re all friends!  Amazing what turn of events can take place when you just introduce yourself to someone, isn’t it?


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