Cleaning House with the Family

I have always struggled with the kids to get them to clean – to even pick up some days – but once I get them on a roll, they really end up doing well.  In fact, this morning, I found Nate (9 years old) putting a bunch of things from the top of my kitchen desk into a box.  You know…the old “stash” method of cleaning.  He looked up and said, “Dad told me to just get this box and clear everything off so we could go through it later,” but come to find out…..Dad told him no such thing.  He just came up with that all on his own.  I’m not going to tell him I found out.  I’m just glad he was self motivated to think….what do I do with all this stuff?  And at least thought to get it out of the way.  🙂

If you have tips on getting your kids to clean, will you post them here?

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  1. Heather McConley says:

    The House Fairy (when this S.H.E. remembers…) has done wonders for our family!!

    And then, of course, the FlyLady has Camp GonnaWannaFLY!, go to for more on that. 🙂


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