Three Boredom Busters

Sometimes we just need a new idea when we’re bored.  Let’s admit it, there is so much to do in this life, how can you ever be bored?  Is it boredom?  or exhaustion with routine?

Today, if you are feeling bored or exhausted with your routine, I offer up these three ideas:

  1. Put on some music and dance!  If you don’t think you can dance, just move to the beat. 
  2. Go for a walk with the kids or the dog or just by yourself.  Don’t go for speed, but take a look around.  Talk about your surroundings – what do you see, hear, smell?  How does the bark on different trees feel?  What about leaves?
  3. Try playing an old standby – tag, hide and seek, sardines, capture the flag, red rover, kick the can, charades or spoons.

Not sure how to play?  check online or post here and I’ll let you know.  I’ve included a few links to help.  And don’t just send the kids to play – play with them!  You’ll have more energy for your work.


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