Three Things to Improve Your Attitude

We all know attitude is everything, so what do you do when you have a bad one?  If your attitude is bad, it truly affects how well you perform in all areas of your life. You lose patience with your loved ones, you don’t get as much done around the house, and your work suffers. So, when you are in that moment – when you recognize that you are having a bad attitude – how can you turn it around?
1 – Rephrase what you just said or thought that was negative in a positive way. (examples below)
2 – Get some fresh air.  Ten deep breaths – try it.
3 – Pick one thing that needs doing and will make you smile when it’s done and do it.  You’ll be making progress.  Clean the sink.  Pick up a pile of papers and file them.  Plan out your day for tomorrow.  Make one phone call.  Mail something.  Label something.  Organize something.  Sometimes it really gets the ball rolling and in fifteen minutes, you may have made a lot of progress.

A brief lesson on rephrasing: Rephrasing things comes easily for some, but not for others.  Keep trying, if you’re having trouble.  You’ll get better.  Maybe seeing some examples will help. 

Negative: “That idea will never work.”

Positive: “I’ll give that a try and track my results in case I need to tweak that idea.”

Negative: “Oh, darn.  It’s raining.”

Positive: “Hey, look – free water from the sky!”

Negative: “I can’t get any bookings.”

Positive: “I haven’t gotten a booking yet.”

Negative: “No one will ever want buy books in this economy.”

Positive: “Everyone wants the best future for their children, so of course people will still buy books.  If they won’t buy as much, I just need to see more people.  And, in this economy, many people may skip taking an expensive vacation, so, there are plenty of people who need even more books to keep their children occupied this summer!”

Get the idea? 
Can you share with us another good example of a negative phrase you can make positive?


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