Home Business Summer Tips – Part 5

The following three concepts just might change your life completely.  And not just your business life.  If you can effectively put these three ideas into action, you will live a happier life.  I’m not kidding you.  This is valuable stuff.  It will seem easy and simple on the surface, and for some of you, maybe you’re already doing this, but for others, it’s an “ah-hah” moment.  Even if you subconsciously do these things yourself, perhaps my pointing them out will help you see why no one in your family “gets” you and why you are arguing about time, about being on time and about who is doing what on the “to do” list.

When you have an hour appointment at 1 o’clock  and another at 2 o’clock and there isn’t any time set aside between them, you’re going to be late for your 2 o’clock appointment.  You know it.  I know it, but for whatever reason, you scheduled them that way because….oh, I don’t know…you think you’re super human or Scotty might beam you over. 
What’s needed so you aren’t late?

  1. honesty – with yourself  and others about what time commitments you can and cannot handle.  Sometimes we’re terrible about saying “no” and one reason is because we haven’t really taken an inventory of how many hours we are committing to things around us.  So, be honest.  If you’ve been through steps 1-4, you should have all your major appointments, weekly events, business hours and vacations scheduled.  But you do things all day, so, where does that go?  How much time do these things take?
  2. Schedule everything – if it takes more than 10 minutes, start putting in your calendar as an appointment with yourself to get it done.  I know.  Sounds like a nutty way to live for some of you, but, it really does work.  I struggled against this concept for years, but it works.  It helps you stay honest and it helps you get stuff done.  Give yourself time to get things done – remember…a place for everything and everything in it’s place is the goal, right?  Well, it’s the same with time.  If you have the time set aside to play pinochle, you’ll get to play pinochle.  Same for cleaning the garage, entering a home show, reading to your kids, going for a walk and cooking dinner.
  3. Keep buffer time (or what Jillian Middleton calls Swiss Cheese) in between all your appointments if they take around an hour.  You know sometimes you need to talk longer, stop to get something to eat or drink or, perhaps, relieve yourself.  You aren’t going to always schedule these things, but that buffer time allows you to get those things done and not feel like you’re in a rush to the next appointment.  Along with buffer time comes this valuable tip:  Schedule your appointments for when you need to leave your house and not when you have to be there.  Magic.  Sounds simple.  It’s magic.

I hope these summer tips will relieve you of a little stress and get you all prepped and ready for the big months ahead!

Next?  Hmmmm….read and find out! 


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