Home Business Summer Tips – Part 4

Today, let’s get our calendar done and start making sure it’s filled with income producing activity.  Remember – this isn’t the time to beat yourself up – it’s a time to keep improving!  Today’s step – start to eliminate lists of things you need “to do” throughout the day.

At the end of Part 3 I asked you to decide when to work.  Have you done that?  This is why we have a home business, isn’t it?  So we can work our business around our family and other activities.  Since those are on the calendar already, we can now find time to work and hold events.  How much you should work will depend on your specific business, but I can give you some guidance. 

I like to hold 6 events each month.  For me, that might mean a book fair or a booth event, a Reach for the Stars literacy challenge, and four home shows one month, and six home shows another month.  Generally, I know when the school events are a few months in advance, so each month, I know how many home shows I can hold and I set aside the days to hold them.  It’s really quite magical how you’ll fill your calendar when you pick show dates ahead of time.  The first time I really surrendered to this idea, I earned a cruise to Alaska!  I learned to do this from Belinda Ellsworth.  She also has a system she teaches called the Power Hour.  I’ll see if I can get her to do a guest post sometime about this topic.  Essentially, it’s a way to set aside an hour and work on different areas of your business.  You can achieve different levels of success based on how many Power Hours you fit into your week.  

With Usborne Books & More, my “to do” list for my business includes time to make phone calls to get bookings, to hostess coach, to follow-up with people interested in becoming consultants and to service schools and libraries.  As a leader, I also set aside other blocks of time for training, coaching and social media.

Once I have all that in, what’s left?  That’s for our next lessons.  We’ll talk about what Jillian Middleton calls “swiss cheese,” what time to put on your calendar for an appointment, and eliminating the rest of your to do list.

All the best! 



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Great idea. I’ve definitely noticed that events can bring in some positive attention. Word of mouth is a great marketing tool.

  2. Seana says:

    Awesome blog, Beth!

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