Clutter Buster for Parents and those who Work from Home

Simple tip for the day – book cases. From experience – whether you buy cheap ones from a local discount store, find them at garage sales or save up and get the good ones, book cases really do help with clutter – a LOT.
You can use them for books (like I do) so you don’t have them in baskets and piles and under beds and in totes all over.
But you can also put small boxes or baskets on each shelf to store all kinds of things – from yarn to crayons to transformers.
When you think about it, a bookcase has a really small footprint, but can hold SO much. It turns a small amount of space – maybe 3 square feet – into five shelves and a top – so six surfaces – on which to store and display things.

In a home office, you’re able to make bookshelves anything you need – from a place to put three-ring binders, which can be vertical files if file folders don’t match your organizational style, to a spot to slide in plastic shoeboxes filled with office supplies.  Bookshelves aren’t just for books!
I think book shelves or bookcases are undervalued when we’re trying to figure out how to best organize our spaces.
What do you think?


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