Home Business Summer Tips – Part 2

Do you want to get more done?  Would you like to be more successful?  More efficient?  Do you have a system in place so you don’t forget things?  Or are you still working with slips of paper, sticky notes and piles of files.  Are you calm throughout your day? or do you run from one thing to the next always feeling like you’re running late, rushed, and frantic?  Read on if you could use help in this area because I want to help you.  I’ve been where you are.

First, let’s take a look at our calendars.  Having systems in place is the most effective way to run a home business so you are able to get your work done and have time for everything you want to do during your day.  Having a working calendar system is more helpful to a sense of calm than you can imagine.  So, please be open to this idea, even if nothing has worked for you before.

How do you set up your calendar?  Do you jot things down on a month-at-a-glance?  Do you cram all kinds of things on there?  Do you use something on your computer?  Outlook, maybe?  Do you have a paper calendar with 15-minute increments?  Or maybe you keep it all in your head or put notes all over a bulletin board.

Having a calendar that works for you and not against you is imperative when you have a home business.  In other words, your calendar should be your guide, your friend, your best time management tool.  It shouldn’t be a burden, or something that causes more stress.  Anyone who knows me well knows that my level of organization has improved a lot in the last three years.  Mainly, that is due to  training I received from Charlene Harris, Jillian Middleton and Belinda Ellsworth.  And, it was training I was finally willing to surrender to rather than struggle against.

We all have our reasons for thinking something is not going to work for us.  We think, “It will work for them, but not for us.”  In fact, sometimes we’ll even suggest people do something, but we have a perfectly logical reason not to do it that way.  Why?  What about this doesn’t make sense?  Why won’t it work?  How is it stressful?  Is what you’re doing working better?  Will I solve all your scheduling problems in one day?  No.  It will be a process, but it will be a start in the right direction.  This is a system that really does work.  You just have to work it.

The first step is to write down all the things you have to get done on one list, all the things you should get done on a second list and all the things you’d like to get done once you have enough time on a third. 

The next step is to make appointments in your week to get all those things done.  Jillian Middleton calls the fixed appointments – the ones that don’t move – your “big rocks”.  Those are the easiest ones to schedule.  Put those in your calendar first.  Then put in the ones that are mobile – the ones that could be done on any day or at any time, but might work better at certain times.  What’s left over is the times of the day when you get to have your fun – work on your hobbies, watch television, work on a knitted project, take a class, etc.  These are the things we really are working to be able to do, so we need to start scheduling them or they simply won’t get done. 

The third and final step for today?  Large blocks of time – make sure you have your vacations set aside, your camping trips, when you’re having company come for a visit, or even when you are having neighbors over for a backyard barbeque.  Because, you know, it isn’t just the travel time and the time away, or the time someone is at your house.  It’s the prep time, the cleaning time, the shopping time, the cooking time and the decorating time you also need to schedule in your calendar so you don’t drive yourself crazy.

Monday, we’ll examine your calendar and see how it looks.  We’ll see if it’s too crammed full or if you’ve successfully set aside time to get it all done.  Because, with this system, you really will finally get it all done.  How?  Well, tune in tomorrow and we’ll see!



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