Family Movie Recommendation

I just watched “Penelope” with my daughter.  It was amazing!  I don’t know how I missed this movie when it was in the theater.  James McAvoy is great in this film and everyone should see it.  There are so many good messages in this movie, I don’t know where to start!

Just….watch it.



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  1. Stephanie says:

    Is that the one with Christina Ricci? What was it about again?

  2. usbornebeth says:

    Yes – it’s splendid. Penelope is born with a curse from several generations past – has the snout of a pig and pig ears, too.
    It’s all about how her family hides her away and now they’re trying to break the curse and marry her off. Just a great movie!
    James McAvoy is the lead male character. It took me a little while and then I suddenly realized he had been in Narnia! Quite dapper without the goat legs.

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