Home Life – clutter control for a knitting – homeschooling – work at home mom

My home is where I spend a huge majority of my time.  Of course I am not here 24/7 because I pursue interests outside the home – some of my work is in other people’s homes, at schools, at festivals and at conventions, we need to shop, attend church, go to museums, see concerts, take the kids to their rehearsals, etc. – but most of my time is at home.  As a person with a very full home life, it’s no wonder I can’t keep up!   My favorite thing to say when people come to the door is, “I’m sorry the house is a mess.  I live here.”  And it’s true!  We do a lot of living here.

A friend of mine once said she is very suspicious of mothers – especially mothers of young children – who have a clean house.  She thinks, “what do they do with their time?”  I like thinking like that because, I, too, prioritize things in such a way that cleaning up the clutter isn’t as important as other things like helping your preschooler with a jigsaw puzzle.  However…..it really does bog you down.  I’m not a naturally organized person.  Any of my friends will agree, but I am trainable and, when something works, it works well.  I’ll blog more about how I’m conquering the calendar and to do lists another time.

Right now, I’d love to hear your stories, tips, comments, ideas on ways to get things under control.  Yes, there is the FlyLady.  I love her ideas.  I was probably one of her first members back when it was a yahoo group!  But…that was 11 years ago and I still need other ideas – especially if it helps to make it fun!

If you have specific tips in these areas, it would be even more helpful: 

  • We home educate
  • I am a knitter (and crocheter)
  • We have a home business with Usborne Books & More
  • We have a dog – a large dog – a Bouvier

Have a SUPER day, everyone!  I hope to get some interesting responses!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrea says:

    I would love to do a beginners crochet class with the gals in our homeschool group with you. I am sure I could learn a lot from you. I basically only do scarfs.

  2. Andrea says:

    A large garbage can, a super-sized shredder, an unusual wish to purge and kids that don’t go behind you recombining your piles of expertly sorted “junk.”

    Another option: http://www.getorganizednow.com

    and a book: Organizing from the inside out by Julie Morgenstern

  3. usbornebeth says:

    A few of my FB pals have said they use Motivated Moms, so I’m going to have to check that out!

  4. usbornebeth says:

    David Allen’s Getting Things Done was also suggested.

    I, personally, have always liked the “Confessions of an Organized Homemaker” books.

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