Hello world!

I’ve decided to join the world of the blog.  Most of my friends seemed to have personal family blogs or business only blogs and I just, truly, didn’t think I had the time.  Now, however, I can see it might be a way to save time and communicate with everyone more effectively.

If anyone out there knows more about blogging than I do (and I’m sure that includes you), please feel free to send me gentle private messages with your best tips and hints so I can make this blog as good as I can.

Have a fabulous day!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth, I think it’s great that you’re blogging! In this day of technology, I’m learning that it is a good way to communicate for business and personal. Jennifer Fong, who’s doing social media calls for members of my database highly recommends it. Keep up the good work, Belinda, Step into Success, Inc., http://www.stepintosuccess.com

    1. usbornebeth says:

      Thanks, Belinda! you are an inspiration!

  2. Brad Marston says:

    Congrats Beth. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere.

  3. Judy Kinnee says:

    HI Beth
    Well I am pretty impressed I could figure out how to respond! How long did it take you to set the blog up?
    do you just click on others blogs daily to keep up
    I am thinking I would just be emailing you anyway right?
    only1 month til convention
    can’t wait

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