Why I Work

My amazing friend, Linda, explaining why she loves our company, Usborne Books & More. (Yes, I’m the friend in Colorado.)

Why I Work.



Children’s Book Day is today, April 2nd! What a great excuse to pull out a favorite or buy a brand new book and sit with a child and read to them! Reading aloud increases fluency and vocabulary, among many other things. Make a memory today!



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Crocodile Tears

Originally posted on Cheli's journey through God's story:

Last night while preparing dinner….I asked my hubs where our daughter was? She had taken a shower and had been drying her hair…but I hadn’t heard anything coming from her way for a while!

So, my sweet husband went to check and when he came back he made a funny face….and then said she was just sitting in her room crying.

Well…needless to say I finished what I was doing and went back to her room. She was coming out and I could tell she had tried to pull herself together to make it seem like everything was okay…but this momma was having none of that! I told her to come back to her room with me.

When we got back there we both sat on her bed. I looked at her and asked her what was up. She looked at me and her lip and chin started quivering. She…

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Bards scatter

rainwashed words.

Drooping from weighty

glistening nectar drops

we wish to swallow whole,

the breeze-twisted ambiguity

shatters into shards of caring

like a cloud of cystalline sugar.

I struggle to regather the bits

to reform the rhyme when

bursting to supernova,

the fragments dissolve.

Memories of never-to-be

scamper into my dreams…

light and sweet and airy

and gone before you

taste the sweet.


The Night Before Christmas

~A modification of Clement Moore’s “A Visit from St. Nicholas”

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all thru the field,

Stood some shepherds a-watching, while some of them kneeled.

Their campfires were warm in the wintery air,

With hopes that the dawning sun soon would be there.

When out of the sky there arose such a glory,

They sprang to their feet, and heard “The Great Story!!”

For what to their wondering eyes should appear,

But an Angel who told them they “Never should fear—”

“To all people will come the Good News of great joy:

A manger -born Savior! Lord Jesus—a boy!”

Then suddenly Heavenly Hosts with a cry,

Sang praises that echoed and rang thru the sky—

“Now glory to God in the highest of Heaven—

“And peace be to men on Earth is now given!”

To Bethlehem’s manger the shepherds they ran,

Their hearts full of wonder—like any a man.

And there after midnight they found in the shed,

The swaddling-clothed Savior asleep in His bed.

And so, as we celebrate Christmas once more

And purchase the presents and cards by the score;

Let us hear US exclaim, ere we drive out of sight:

“The Lord Jesus, our Savior, was born on that Night!!”

By Pastor Paul R. Hansen

Christmas 1960

(This was written by my dad.)


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